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This collection of short guides was written with health professionals in mind. They provide science-grounded and updated information about common mental health difficulties faced by children and adolescents, as well as information about treatments and support.

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Professional Training

The CAMHI has designed trainings for specialized and non-specialized professionals working with children and adolescents. These encompass a combination of online resources and face-to-face trainings with continuous psychotherapy skill-building supervision. In this section, you can find information about upcoming CAMHI trainings—stay tuned for opportunities to sign up for the trainings.

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Mapping Mental Health and Psychoeducational Services for children and adolescents in Greece

Knowing where services are located and where to go for help is critical to mental health care accessibility. The CAMHI has developed interactive maps to indicate the location of community mental health services, outpatient units, mobile units, shelters, inpatient units, ΚΕΔΑΣΥs, and other important child and adolescent mental health actors in the public health and educational systems. Each of the maps and their descriptions are available HERE.

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Laws and Policies Affecting Mental Health Care in Greece

It can be challenging to understand the legislative and regulatory framework concerning the rights of children and adolescents as information is typically fragmented and difficult to access or navigate. To address this need, we conducted a comprehensive review of the laws and policies that are relevant to all professionals working with children and adolescents in the mental health field in Greece. The results and findings have been summarized in a detailed report, complete with a brief and self-contained executive summary that presents the most important takeaways. The report can be accessed and downloaded HERE.

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