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Youth Participation Programme _ NEWS

December 2022:
The YES Youth Participation Programme, following the open call, received more than 160 applications from adolescents aged 13 to 17 for the Teen Advisory Groups established in Athens, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupolis and Ioannina. Regarding Heraklion, Crete, an Open Dialogue Day with the participation of adolescents on the topic of anxiety and stress in adolescence has been scheduled for Sunday 05.03.23. You can find more information about the day and the content of the event HERE.

During December, the teenagers - members of the groups were selected based on representativeness and inclusiveness criteria and their first meetings were held successively in the 4 cities. A total of 82 adolescents took part in the meetings, which aimed to get to know each other, agree on the way and the basic principles of the groups' operation, highlight the most important issues that, in their opinion, concern their peers, exchange ideas about the activity of each group and make the first contact with the mental health professionals of the programme. The meetings included games, discussions and creative projects.

January 2023:
In January, the teams met in the 4 cities (Athens, Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli and Ioannina) and started to discuss about the main topic: "Anxiety - stress in adolescence", which the adolescents themselves decided to employ in the project this year.

In each city, small sub-groups were created to prepare and present various works by the adolescents (prose texts, poems, paintings, theatre performances, etc.). In between the face-to-face group meetings, the adolescents' communicate with each other online, exchange news and views and participate in competitions that strengthen the group and its purpose. During the February meetings, actions are prepared in schools in collaboration and with mental health professionals, who answer adolescent's questions and communicate with them, listening to their views. At the same time, additional new actions are being prepared, for which there is great interest and enthusiasm.

February 2023
The Children and Adolescents Mental Health Initiative on Sunday 5.3.2023 organizes a "Dialogue Day on Stress and Anxiety in Adolescence", at the "Youth Centre" of the Municipality of Heraklion (Korai Street), from 12.00-17.00. To register and find more information go HERE.

If your answer is yes, RUN, we need you!

Find (at least) one teacher or other adult to carry out activities at your school or in another place of your choice and express your interest in becoming a member of the group. Fill out the application that you will find here until November 20! We will try to include teenagers of different ages, genders, schools, areas of residence, conditions, etc in each group.

Our goal is to have your opinion heard, for the good of all! If you want to ask us something, write us at: [email protected]

Attention: We want you to be sure that you can come to all our meetings and communicate with other team members. See where and when our meetings will take place in person:





Of course, we may have other meetings, visits or walks. We will decide this together... We are waiting for you. GET IN YES!

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