Mental Health Sciences in Greece

This systematic review describes the state of the child and adolescent mental health sciences in Greece, produced through a comprehensive examination of all relevant literature. The systematic review focuses on epidemiological studies, tool validation studies, and interventions for mental health problems in Greece. The systematic review results, the associated database, and information resources are presented here.

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Listening to the Greek Community

Listening directly to the public about mental health care is essential for grasping current conditions, perceptions, and challenges faced by users and providers of mental health care. To this end, CAMHI completed a nationwide survey, as well as a series of focus groups, to collect targeted information and perspectives from children, adolescents, caregivers, and professionals involved in child and adolescent mental health care. We aimed to learn more about the state of mental health for children and adolescents, mental health knowledge and stigma, and needs relating to care and professional training. The results of these assessments are available in a Synthesis Report that you can find here.

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Mapping Mental Health and Psychoeducational Services for children and adolescents in Greece

Knowing where services are located and where to go for help is critical to mental health care accessibility. Interactive maps were developed to indicate the location of community mental health services, outpatient units, inpatient units, ΚΕΔΑΣΥs, and other important actors in the mental health system. Maps and their descriptions are available here.

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